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We Are Elefriendride.

Hello, we are Elefriendride

Welcome to the dream land of elephants where you can connect with our huge mammals and spend the whole day with them and do different activities with elephants in our elephant farm in Jaipur, these activities is fruitful for the nature. Elefriendride main aim is to give you the lifetime experience with our lovely elephants in an affordable rates, play with our gentle giant elephants roll down with them in our natural habitat. Take bliss in the nature valley of Rajasthan, yes that’s true you can do elephant safari in Jaipur, get a guided tour of Jaipur with our Asian elephants. Make holiday plan but this time with Elefriendride, give whole new knowledgeable experience to your kids so that they can learn the life style of our giant creature in their village.

Our elephant sanctuary in Jaipur is a place where you can do feeding with elephants, do large canvas painting on the huge body of elephants with nontoxic organic colors spread your creativity to next level. After playing hard on ground with cute elephants, take bath with them clean and scrub the body of our elephants take a shower with elephant trunk in our elephant park in Jaipur. Walk side by side with elephants learn the living style of them in our proper guidance, because safety is first, don’t wait plan your trip now.


Let’s uncover the sanctuary experience

In the event that you love elephants, communicating with them for activities, for example, showering, painting, taking care of, visiting and playing will be an exhilarating yet humbling experience.

Elefriendride SanctuaryElefriendride Sanctuary

Elephant Safari in Jaipur

Hop down on the back our Elephants roam around elephant jungle in Jaipur with your family members. Elefriendride is the one stop station for your best elephant ride in Jaipur.

Enjoy the wildlife experience during your elephants safari, this activity is important for kids so that they can explore the nature and get the guided tour of our natural habitat. Whole elephant ride and safari will be performed in proper guidance and experts so that you can have the safe and soothing experience with Elefriendride.

Elefriendride Sanctuary


Elefriendride Gallery.

End of conversation! Look at the photographs of visitors partaking they would say. Everything the substance beneath is obtained from genuine visitors. The main thing missing here is YOU… For more amazingness see our Cheerful Clients area.

Elephant Activities

We are here to feature the very best elephant ride during your visit in Jaipur. Invest some energy with our charming, cordial and astonishing well evolved creatures and give your children an entirely different growth opportunity during your visit to Elefriendride Jaipur.

Elephant Feeding

Who doesn't cherish having a mouth watering dinner? Trust me, Elephants simply love to eat. Invest some useful energy at the recreation area by figuring out how to plan dinners for elephants. Live it up taking care of your powerful coffee shops their most enjoyed dinner.

Painting on Elephant

On the off chance that you're not perfect at drawing, sit back and relax! We can paint the diagrams all over assuming you like, and you fill in your preferred holes with the shades. With respect to painting them, we utilize natural stone varieties that are protected and cause no damage. In any case, this is a discretionary movement, so assuming you are awkward, you can decide to avoid this.

Fun with Elephants

At any point envisioned washing an elephant? We assist you with accomplishing the incomprehensible. Under our direction appreciate washing and cleaning the elephants. Play with the elephants while giving them a shower. This will definitely be an outstanding encounter of your excursion.

Ride on Elephant

The exhilarating elephant ride through the elephant town is a magnificent encounter. Sitting on elephant's sans protection with next to no seat gives you a legitimate safari feel.

Ride on Elephant

The exhilarating elephant ride through the elephant town is a magnificent encounter. Sitting on elephant's sans protection with next to no seat gives you a legitimate safari feel.