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Elephant Sanctuary in Jaipur.


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Welcome to Elefriendride a natural friendly place where you can enjoy with Elephants, spend time with huge, big and cute elephants in our elephant sanctuary in Jaipur. You will get the chance to observe our huge Asian elephant in our elephant farm in Jaipur you can play with them, do painting and bath with them. Elefriendride provide elephant ride in Jaipur as this will give the guided tour of our natural habitat.

What We Do.

Our main aim to create a natural friendly environment with elephants, so that you simply relax and get soothing experience with your kids and family. Enjoy simple walk with our giant elephants in our elephant village in Jaipur, go for amazing day tour with elephants. Get life time experience with these mammals do conversation with them get glance of their behavior with Elefriendride.

Elefriendride Sanctuary
Elefriendride SanctuaryElefriendride Sanctuary
Elephant Sanctuary

Enter to World of Elephants with Elefriendride fix your one day date with elephants in our elephants sanctuary.

Before riding an elephants you should understand the nature of your huge friend for this you have to build a relationship with our creature this can be happen when make them comfortable with your love and affection.

Play with elephants, feed them love and have some shower with their huge trunk, these activity also maintain the ecological system of our nature. The beat season to visit our elephant wildlife sanctuary is October to march so pay visit our Elefriendride in Jaipur.

Elefriendride Sanctuary
Ride on ElephantRide on Elephant
Elephant Ride

After spend time with elephants, now it’s time that your huge friend will you the glimpse of our farm.

Elephant safari in Jaipur is the most exciting activity of our Elefriendride in this you roam around in our village, feel the mothernature and enjoy the natural beauty of Rajasthan while elephant ride in Jaipur. Our beautiful creature will make your day when they will give a tour of our wildlife sanctuary, they will huge smile on your kids face when our elephants will show their world.

Ride on Elephant
Ride on Elephant
Walking with Elephant
Walking with ElephantWalking with Elephant
Walking with Elephant

Elefriendride Jaipur provide the best elephant activities in Jaipur, but the most satisfying activity that we suggest before riding is walking with elephants.

Walking with elephants is the most enjoyable moments this is the time when you will spend time with elephants you will get close to our beautiful mammals. Walking with elephants is just like you are walking with your friend. By this activity you will totally get distress yourself, take a break from daily routine and spend some time in our elephant village in Jaipur with Elefriendride our elephants are waiting your company.

Walking with Elephant
Feeding ElephantFeeding Elephant
Feeding Elephant

Every day you take your meal with your loved ones, Elefriendride arrange a meal date with our lovely elephant in our natural habitat.

Elephants loves feeding is the time when you learn about the food eat and what they really like this activity will be learning experience for your kids so that they know about eating habits of elephants. Elefriendride wants that when you will go back to home you and your family take some lovely memory. Feed your giant friend in our elephant park in Jaipur and make your meal time more special with Elefriendride.

Feeding Elephant
Feeding Elephant
Painting on Elephant
Painting on ElephantPainting on Elephant
Painting on Elephant

Open the door creativity and brush down some creative art on the huge body of elephants.

Painting on elephants is one of the activity of Elefriendride which is most enjoyable part of your elephant tour. With our guidance learn how to paint and draw traditional design on elephants with organic and toxic colors unleash the hidden painter inside you.

Painting on Elephant
Bathing with ElephantBathing with Elephant
Bathing with Elephant

Bathing with elephant is on the best and unexpected activity of Elefriendride.

In our expert guidance you can scrub, wash and shower elephants, enjoy bathing with elephants in our elephant jungle in Jaipur. Enjoy the huge shower by elephant’s trunk, stroll with them enjoy with cute and admirable elephants in our elephant farm, get extraordinary experience with us.

Bathing with Elephant
Bathing with Elephant
Elefriendride Gallery.

End of conversation! Look at the gallery of Elefriendride visitors while having fun with elephants. Everything the substance beneath is obtained from genuine visitors. The main thing missing here is YOU… For more amazingness see our Cheerful Clients area.

Elephant Activities

We are here to feature the very best elephant ride during your visit in Jaipur. Invest some energy with our charming, cordial and astonishing well evolved creatures and give your children an entirely different growth opportunity during your visit to Elefriendride Jaipur.

Elephant Feeding

Who doesn't cherish having a mouth watering dinner? Trust me, Elephants simply love to eat. Invest some useful energy at the recreation area by figuring out how to plan dinners for elephants. Live it up taking care of your powerful coffee shops their most enjoyed dinner.

Painting on Elephant

On the off chance that you're not perfect at drawing, sit back and relax! We can paint the diagrams all over assuming you like, and you fill in your preferred holes with the shades. With respect to painting them, we utilize natural stone varieties that are protected and cause no damage. In any case, this is a discretionary movement, so assuming you are awkward, you can decide to avoid this.

Fun with Elephants

At any point envisioned washing an elephant? We assist you with accomplishing the incomprehensible. Under our direction appreciate washing and cleaning the elephants. Play with the elephants while giving them a shower. This will definitely be an outstanding encounter of your excursion.

Ride on Elephant

The exhilarating elephant ride through the elephant town is a magnificent encounter. Sitting on elephant's sans protection with next to no seat gives you a legitimate safari feel.

Ride on Elephant

The exhilarating elephant ride through the elephant town is a magnificent encounter. Sitting on elephant's sans protection with next to no seat gives you a legitimate safari feel.

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What They Say About Us.

  • Elefriendride was the best, and a very wholesome experience that me and my family had . We were in Jaipur , and wanted to have an authentic experience , and hence loved the way we enjoyed our time with the elephants . They were very calm , friendly and greatly treated by the staff members . Truly an Ethical elephant Sanctuary in Jaipur and is great value for money . Everyone should at least once attend this . Thank you Elefriendride . 🐘 💚

    Elefriendride Author Preeti Singhal
    Preeti Singhal
  • Thank you elefriendride for making my trip memorable. This place offer elephant ride, elephant scrubbing and bathing session and best activities with clean wash. I love this place . Please visit atleast once.❤️❤️😍😍

    Elefriendride Author Pragya Mishra
    Pragya Mishra

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Enjoy with Elephants Elefriendride welcomes you for your unexpected journey of your lifetime. Book day elephant in Jaipur here at budget price with your family.

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